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07500 352 158          hello@odysseyweb.co.uk

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Services we offer...

OdysseyWEB is a small local business offering excellent quality services to those wanting:

We have no hidden agenda, there are no hidden costs, there are no huge recurring fees and we do not charge V.A.T.  All of this is aimed at offering you, the customer, superb service - at what we believe is the very best price - and supported with great customer service throughout.

Our prices are as transparent as possible - you pay a one-off cost for the design, hosting and associated email accounts, then during subsequent years, this is reduced considerably in line with your needs and perceived workload/updates etc.  If your domain is hosted with us, then depending upon the renewal dates usually annually or bi-annually, then there will be an appropriate  renewal charge from us.  If you are hosted with another company, then this will be as per your arrangement with them.  Some types of email accounts may incur an annual renewal fee.  All of this will be clearly explained to you, as we sit down with you and tease out what your needs and aspirations are - these may be:

   …each of the above having their own outcomes and needing to be spaced out to grow with the business or organisation.  OdysseyWEB would be delighted to work with you throughout these stages, so that we may offer you the best we can, at a price and timescale that best suits your needs, every step of the way.

The whole process can be daunting and full of worries.  Planning a few moves ahead is very much part of building a website, a bit like chess - all so often, sensible planning pays dividends and makes life so much easier in the long run. I want you to be engaged and excited about your new venture, so much so that you are speaking with all your customers and reaching out to your potential customers… here we are, come and chat and discover the great customer service and products we can offer…